Epilepsy and parenting


I’ve taken a break from writing in order to sit back, listen and learn. I’ve realised that everybody’s experience of Epilepsy is different. Symptoms, seizures, triggers differ greatly. I’ve been considering whether I should be writing at all, as it’s so personal. Epilepsy awareness is needed. I encounter many people that have been misinformed or have incorrect information on the condition. I also remember the complete fear I felt when W was diagnosed and could only find horror stories online. W is doing really well, I want to communicate that, as well as spreading awareness.

Growth spurt and starting pre school

W has had a growth spurt in both mind and body. He is now a ‘threeanger’. He knows what he likes and dislikes and is happy to communicate it. His feet are huge! Just over 3 and a half and already putting my tiny feet to shame.

He’s doing brilliantly at pre school. I love how sociable he is and his ‘I can do it’ attitude. We are looking into primary school places soon. W’s tonic clonic seizures are currently controlled, but we are still feeling anxious about his absence seizures. I want to make sure that the school, he hopefully goes to, are aware of what they are and how to spot them. Currently he seems to get confused and very clumsy if he is ill or tired. We are currently trying to identify if they are absences or not.

Kixx football

W has started football training with htto://kixx.org.uk/. He absolutely loves it! The coaches are awesome. I mentioned his Epilepsy to them and they were brilliant. Our coach is really engaging. He knows how to control a group of toddlers in a positive way whilst helping them to navigate some rather impressive football skills. W was fully engaged for 40 mins, as the activities are delivered in managable chunks with clear and structured directions. Stickers, high fives and 40 minutes of pure fun.

The Kixx programme offhers a high energy, fun, creative and age-appropriate introduction to physical activity through football. It is also a great opportunity for your children to make friends. Our programme has been carefully designed for both boys and girls, ages 18 months to 10 years of age. The Kixx innovative curriculum emphasises both the physical and social development of our children.


W is up and ready to go to football every Sunday no matter the weather (or time for that matter). He is still little so we as parents also take an active role during training sessions. No sitting on the side lines – so wear your trainers if you sign your little one up.

Independent swimming

I have to admit this one caused a sleepless night. What if he has a seizure in the swimming pool? I’m still worried about it to be honest. I do however believe that knowledge of water safety is essential for children. I want W to respect water and to enjoy it. Once again our local swimming pool has been amazing.

All our Swim School sessions form part of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) and all our teachers are certified with Swim England.

Babies and children from 3 months up to 4 years can join Ducklings classes in our Learner Pool, with you as support and an experienced teacher. Your swimmer can then move on to our Stages from 1 to 7 and then there are there are many options.


W has always been swimming but it has always been in lessons when he’s been accompanied by myself or my husband. He is now at the stage where he’s going in on his own. It hasn’t been a year since W has had a seizure, so parents are asked to be a spotter on the side of the swimming pool. There is always a lifeguard on the side of the pool (who was informed about W) and the swimming teacher is in the water with them until they progress to the ‘big pool’.

I was so proud of him. He went straight in. No fuss – no fear. ‘I can do it’ and he did. I had to be really careful not to be mega embarrassing on his exit out of the pool (I really wanted to bundle him up in his towel, cry and release my relief and excitement at how brilliant he was). We high fived and celebrated with biscuits instead. I’m often reminded ‘I’m a big boy now Mummy’.

He takes everything in his stride. Proud of you W.


Clare x

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